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The Office

Love Lane

Ongar Essex


01277 3642767

Healthy Living Healthy Lives have been providing healthcare to the homeless community in London Borough Redbridge since 2006.  From humble beginnings, offering two hours acute care each week, we now have a multi-disciplinary team working alongside multiple organisations involved in providing outstanding health and social care to this vulnerable population.

Our team operate from multiple venues including The Welcome Centre, Malachi Place, Ryedale Court, Hyleford Hostel, Jason Lee House, Well House and Green Lane, as well as on the street or attending anywhere where those experiencing homelessness have been accommodated.  Our aim is to ensure that every adult who is homeless in LBRedbridge has access to the Homeless Health Service.

The first point of contact is one of our nurses for a comprehensive health check and GP registration.  Clients are then referred to other services as needed.  Mental health assessment is carried out in conjunction with our NHS colleagues in the Rough Sleepers Mental Health Team.  Our counsellors work via zoom or other remote platforms since the covid pandemic and this will continue.  Counselling has been incredibly well used during the last 15 months and our team has increased to include counsellors whose first language is not English to better support client need.  Our foot health service is offered monthly.  We work closely with the Outreach GP (PELC), Positive East, Haircuts4Homeless, Mobile Xray Unit, local CCG and many others.  We have been instrumental in ensuring the covid vaccine programme is delivered.  We are currently working to improve uptake of contraceptive services.

Our priority is to ensure the safety of clients and staff and therefore appropriate PPE/equipment is used during the course of contact with any of our clients.

Enquiries should be directed to Stephanie O'Leary, Homeless Health Service Manager at

Please see for further information on the health needs of people experiencing homelessness.